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About our Driving Safety training course

Isn’t it time you considered doing a Driving Safety course? 36% of all road deaths and injuries involves someone driving for work – that’s about 200 deaths or serious injuries a week.

At Shout Out Safety, we are committed to providing comprehensive online health and safety courses to a UK audience. Our Driving Safety training course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure safe driving practices.

This CPD accredited course is divided into four sections, each covering essential topics related to driving for work, pre-trip preparations, recognising and managing hazards, and implementing good driving practices. With a duration of less than one hour, our course offers a convenient and efficient way to enhance your driving safety awareness.

Who needs a Driving Safety training certificate?

Our Driving Safety training course is ideal for anyone who drives as part of their job or is responsible for managing employees who drive for work purposes. This includes professionals in various industries, such as delivery drivers, engineers, construction and maintenance workers, sales representatives, technicians, and supervisors.

Obtaining a Driving Safety training certificate demonstrates your commitment to maintaining high standards of safety while on the road and helps ensure the well-being of yourself, your colleagues, and the general public.

Why should you take this Driver Awareness training course?

Taking our Driving Safety training course is a crucial step toward becoming a safer and more responsible driver. By enrolling in this driver training course, you will:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the specific risks associated with driving for work and how to mitigate them effectively.
  2. Learn important pre-trip checks and preparations that will help you maintain your vehicle’s safety and reliability.
  3. Develop hazard awareness skills to identify potential dangers on the road and take appropriate action to avoid them.
  4. Acquire best practices for safe driving, including defensive driving techniques and strategies to handle challenging situations.
  5. Enhance your confidence and competence as a driver, leading to improved job performance and personal well-being.

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Buying for your team?

Our custom team packages allow you to have full access to staff training statistics, as well as the certificates being sent straight to you on completion.

Is Driver Safety training mandatory?

Employers have duties under health and safety law for on-the-road work activities. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act)2 states you must ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees while at work. You must also ensure that others are not put at risk by your work-related driving activities.

Organisations have a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangements to manage the health and safety of its drivers. This is a wide-ranging requirement, so HSE encourages a common-sense and practical approach. It should be part of the everyday process of running an organisation and part of good management generally.

Here are some examples of how this approach can be applied to work-related road safety.

  • Assess the risks from work-related road safety in your organisation.
  • Produce a health and safety policy covering, for example, organising journeys, of its drivers and vehicle maintenance.
  • Make sure there is top-level commitment to work-related road safety in your organisation.
  • Clearly set out everyone’s roles and responsibilities for work-related road safety. Those responsible should have enough authority to exert influence and be able to communicate effectively to drivers and others.

Who benefits from our online Driving Safety training courses?

Our online driver courses benefit individuals, employers, and organisations in several ways:

  1. Individual drivers: Enhance your driving skills, increase your safety awareness, and boost your career prospects by obtaining a recognised certificate.
  2. Employers: Demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being, reduce accidents and associated costs, and maintain compliance with health and safety regulations.
  3. Organisations: Promote a safety culture, protect your reputation, and contribute to safer roads and communities.

How do our online Driving Safety training courses work?

Our online Driving Safety training courses are designed to be user-friendly and accessible. Upon enrolment, you will receive a unique login to our secure learning platform, where you can access the course materials. The course consists of video-based content divided into four sections, which you can watch at your own pace.

To progress through the course, you must answer questions at the end of each section. Achieving the required pass mark will unlock the subsequent section. Although you can revisit and review the course content, fast-forwarding is not allowed to ensure thorough understanding and retention of the material.

When will I receive access to my Drive Safety course?

Upon enrolment, you will receive immediate access to your Driving Safety training course. Our online platform ensures that you can start learning and improving your driving safety knowledge right away, without any unnecessary delays.

What is covered in this Driver Safety online course?

Our driver safety course covers the following essential topics:

  1. Driving for Work: Understand the unique challenges and risks associated with driving as part of your job, including fatigue, distractions, and time pressure.
  2. Before You Set Off: Learn important pre-trip checks and preparations to ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.
  3. Hazards and You: Develop hazard awareness skills and learn how to recognise, assess, and manage potential hazards on the road.
  4. Good Driving Practices: Acquire best practices for safe driving, including defensive driving techniques, maintaining safe distances, and handling adverse weather conditions.

Is this Driver Training course accredited?

Yes, our Driving Safety training course is accredited and endorsed by The CPD Certification Service. This accreditation ensures that our course meets high quality and professional standards, giving you confidence in the value and credibility of the training you receive.

How long does this online course take to complete?

Our online Driving Safety training course can be completed in less than one hour. We understand the importance of providing concise and focused content that maximises your learning experience without compromising the depth and relevance of the material.

How long does a Driving Safety training certificate last?

Once you have successfully completed the Driving Safety training course and obtained your certificate, it will remain valid for a specific period. The duration of the certificate may vary depending on industry requirements or specific organisational policies. However, we recommend refreshing your Driving Safety knowledge annually to stay up to date with the latest best practices and maintain your skills at a high standard.

Do I receive a certificate upon completion?

Absolutely! Upon successful completion of our driver safety awareness course, you will immediately receive a unique, personalised, and endorsed certificate. This certificate can be downloaded and kept for your records or sent to your employer as proof of your commitment to driving safety.

Why train with us?

  1. Accredited and endorsed courses: Our Driving Safety training course is CPD accredited, ensuring high quality and professional standards.
  2. Expertly designed content: Our course is developed by industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in driving safety.
  3. Convenient and flexible learning: Our online platform allows you to learn at your own pace and access the course materials whenever it suits you.
  4. Immediate certificate issuance: Upon completion, you can instantly download your personalised and endorsed certificate, providing you with tangible evidence of your achievements.
  5. Reputable and trusted provider: Shout Out Safety is known for delivering engaging and informative health and safety training courses to a UK audience.

Looking to train your team?

If you’re interested in training your team in driving safety or in any of our Health and Safety course subjects, Shout Out Safety offers customised solutions to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Our team of experts can tailor the course content, delivery methods, and reporting systems to ensure optimal training outcomes for your employees. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can help you create a safer driving culture within your organisation.

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