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Duration: Less than an hour
Language: English
Certification endorsed by: CPD
Price: £25 (discounts available, see opposite)

Fire Safety Awareness Training. In the last 10 years nearly 4,000 people have died in fires in the UK. 105,000 people have been injured, many suffering life changing injuries.

Our Fire Safety Awareness course is engaging, sobering and inspiring. Filmed in HD video it includes testimony from Steve Bateman (ex-Station Officer) and Dr Natalie Towle (GP),

Did you know that most people carry on exactly with what they’re doing when an alarm is raised? They either deny something is happening or they wait for leadership. We investigate how you can snap out of that behaviour. By employing simple daily procedures all staff can learn to react correctly and automatically, if the worst were to happen.

Shout Out Safety courses are entertaining exactly because we’re serious about Health & Safety training. Learning is easier when people are engaged (and they engage more when they’re entertained). This is Fire Safety – no-one wins if the trainee isn’t concentrating.

Who is this Fire Awareness course for?

Everyone. We all have a responsibility, to ourselves and to others to be prepared for fire.

Fire doesn’t just happen to other people.

About the course

This course is in 4 sections which cover the following topics:

  • Fire: what it is and what makes it dangerous
  • Causes of fire
  • Fire prevention
  • What to do in the event of a fire

There are 4 banks of questions which you will need to answer. Achieve the passmark and you’ll be able to move onto the next section.


This Fire Safety Awareness course is accredited and endorsed by The CPD Certification Service. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll be able to immediately download a unique, personalized and endorsed certificate. You can keep it with your records or to pass on to your employer.