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Keeping them awake – a Classroom Trainer’s view

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18th May 2017

The beauty of classroom Health and Safety training courses is that you can see when you’re losing them.  Someone blinks a few too many times, a yawn or two, a look at the watch, a ‘what’s going on outside the window?’ That sort of thing.

This usually calls for the inevitable “Coffee break” announcement and we all go to refresh and gather ourselves and come back for another session of death by Powerpoint. Give it 5 minutes and you’re going to start to lose them again.

Most of us have forgotten how to learn in a classroom and it’s a tall order to put people in that environment whenever their ‘ticket’ expires, so why make them suffer?

Up until now the alternative has been eLearning and that has hardly covered itself in glory. Dull screens of text, narrated badly in some monotone drone, scattered with random images of dubious relevance.

But give them a relevant HD video to watch, let them interact with some questions and all of a sudden it’s enjoyable; they’re more interested and they learn.

It’s interesting from the off.  Engaging. Funny even. No more yawning and a lot more learning.

And not one of them looks out of the window.

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