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Safety training for school caretakers

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Safety training for school caretakers. We’re both pleased and proud to have been the official provider of Health & Safety training to The Caretakers’ Website for the last 3 years.

Safety training for caretakers

Shout Out Safety provide Asbestos Awareness, Working at Height, Manual Handling, Fire Safety, DSE and COSHH Awareness courses to the national community of school caretakers.

Popular with staff

The courses are hugely popular with school site managers and maintenance staff. Video-based and containing elements of humour, the courses are accessible on any device and are text-light. When people mention e-Learning you may envisage endless pages of on-screen text; not with Shout Out Safety. Our courses are like watching a fascinating programme on TV. It’s why we’re one of Britain’s leading providers of safety training for school caretakers. 

There are questions between each section of film to ensure vital key points are understood and an accredited certificate is available on successful completion.

The Caretakers’ website

The Caretakers’ website provides a variety of services for Site Staff & Caretakers throughout the UK. It’s a home to a unique online community of Caretakers.

Caretakers really do “CARE”. They care about their school environment and they care about the pupils, staff and visitors in their schools. The nature of the work means that caretakers often put the care of others before themselves.

The Caretakers’ website provides the latest Caretaking and Educational News, Caretaking Job Vacancies, Guides for Caretakers and a very active Forum.


The Caretakers’ Website is a non-profit making personal website. The Site was started in 2001 to provide a service to School Caretakers.

Many School Caretakers who are registered Caretakers’ Website forum members offer their time to contribute toward the site free of charge. This also means that most of the content on this site has been written for Caretakers, by Caretakers which helps create a friendly community atmosphere.

All the services provided on the website are free for the end user. There are no pop up adverts to annoy you and your personal details are safe. The site managers endeavour to make your experience on our website safe and as secure as possible.

The site has grown over the past few years and gets around 35-40,000 unique visitors every month. That’s around 2 million page hits a month.


The website has a regularly refreshed and updated news section. As well as the more heartwarming stories there is also complete coverage of the sort of serious news which affects caretakers there are also some  such as this one from November 2019.

Asbestos in Schools: Should You Be Worried?

“The potential harm to those who come into contact with asbestos is not new news. Banned throughout the UK since 1999, asbestos no longer poses a threat in modern-day buildings.

But for homes, offices, schools and other buildings constructed before the material was forbidden, it’s a different story. In constructions spanning from the 1950’s to the 1980’s in particular, asbestos containing materials are widespread.

The risks of asbestos can be serious, and this is something which hasn’t avoided the attention of the public eye. In recent years, a particular focus has been placed on asbestos-containing materials in schools, with an estimated 200 UK teachers having died since 2001 from mesothelioma, a form of cancer commonly associated with asbestos.

As a school caretaker, the risk of you and others coming into contact with asbestos can be frightening. But for everyone using schools containing the fibrous substance, it’s easy to remain safe with proper management.”

Safety training for school caretakers.

So, here at Shout Out Safety we’re pleased to help this great project. Safety training for school caretakers is now an integral part of the Caretakers’ website.


Safety training – FAQ

When do I get my certificate?

Unlike many e-Leaning courses, you’ll get you certificate immediately after you pass the course. It will be in your name and you can download it as soon as you’ve watched all the clips and successfully passed the tests.

How long is this course going to take?

We suggest you allocate 30 minutes. It’s short but it contains the essential information you need to know.

How is the course delivered?

We present the courses as a set of four short video clips. Simply press play and watch the first clip, concentrate on the information and after it finishes there will be a set of questions for you to answer on the information you’ve just watched.

Is there a passmark?

Yes. Every set of questions requires you to get 75% to move on to the next clip.

Can I re-sit the test?

Yes you can. If you don’t get the 75% pass mark you can re-sit the test but the questions are likely to be different to the ones you just attempted.

Can I watch the clip again?

Yes you can. As many times as you want to.

Can I fast forward through the clip?

No, we’ve disabled that facility. When we were setting these courses up we looked at some other e-Learning courses out there and found out we could fast forward to the end of each section. In our opinion, that’s no way to learn. This stuff is important and could save lives and stop accidents and injuries – that’s why we make sure that you have to watch the video through to the end.2

Training by video is simply a more effective way to learn. 

Is the video just someone talking at me?

Nope. We create scenarios, we interview victims and medical experts, we show what you should be doing and a lot of the things you shouldn’t be doing. We make these videos as entertaining as we can. That’s key. We also use a professional crew and the outstanding actor, Mark Roper


Don’t take our word for it. Read this from a happy customer.

“We normally use Training Manuals and printed literature as a way of rolling out training and refresher training to our colleagues.  This is not only time-consuming but also sometimes less effective. It is challenging to engage colleagues and not to just see it as a tick box exercise.  We went out into the market place to find new methods of training and preferably e-learning as a solution to this problem, and found Shout Out Safety. 

 Unlike other companies, they gave us full access to samples so that we could see for ourselves just how good the product and services that they offer really were – as with most things ‘the proof is in the pudding’.

Humour keeps people engaged.

I must say that they were right, the slap-stick approach and key details approach to the delivery of the training tutorials did exactly what we were looking for.  The training engages everyone and all the relevant information is delivered clearly and precisely .  It only takes a relatively little amount of time for each colleague to achieve a certificate. This then gave us as a company enhanced traceability for our own qualit

Shout Out Safety not only offer great tutorial courses but also fantastic after service.  We have found their customer service to be second to none, they are more than happy to help with any queries or specific requirements.  

I highly recommend them to any business as a highly professional and efficient training provider.”

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