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Virtual reality, the new way to train your team

Virtual reality can offer a massive new perspective for training.

Shout Out Safety with Luminous are creating the latest and most advanced Virtual Reality and mixed / Augmented Reality systems for training around. What can be more beneficial than blending the real and the virtual, without having to leave your desk or workspace?

With our joint experience in Health and Safety and technical know-how we are creating some mind blowing and realistic scenarios.

Immersive technologies can reproduce an ultra realistic environment and generate random events. They can be used to train employees without test limits and the reality constraints such as geographic, high risk, or expensive / time consuming set ups. The tasks are all measurable and with our LMS you can keep an eye on your staff to ensure they are performing and functioning in the most efficient and safest manner.

This can only be done by immersing learners in a 3D simulation in a way to better anticipate, progress and become safer when doing tasks.


Reduction in training time


Boost in productivity



Simulate a larger-than-life environment

Virtual reality (VR) can generate immersive and interactive simulations of real environments. It can reproduce any type of situation in a very realistic way, with the possibility to add random happenings for any reason you wish to, such as for fun, or an high risk event with jeopardy.

This is why immersive technologies are an astounding tool for health and safety training. And yet so few companies are using them.

In industry, the concept of a digital simulated twin is becoming more common as it creates a virtual version of a physical object, process or system.

For a long time now (relatively!) the technology has been pounced on by the military, oil and gas and nuclear industries.

It also has been used for for maintenance and production to create an environment without any additional costs and logistical problems.

With greater efficiency and development the costs are coming down so why not speak to us about a consultation and demonstration.

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