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Basepoint Fire training – May 19

Shout Out Safety is pleased to offer all Basepoint tenants and staff a significant discount on this streamed video training course. Accessible on any device, it looks at fire risk in the modern workplace and aims to increase people’s awareness of prevention and the importance of prompt evacuation. Sobering and effective, the course is accredited by CPD and includes interviews with professionals from the fire brigade and medical services.

Retail price is normally £25 but the price to anyone working at a Basepoint centre is £17.50.

Basepoint Fire safety, Fire safety training

For Basepoint Fire training, simply visit https://shoutoutsafety.co.uk/course/fire-safety-awareness/

and use discount code: BATEMAN

at the checkout.

Fire and smoke can travel extremely quickly and so speed of evacuation is critical. It therefore seems extraordinary that most people simply carry on with what they are doing when a fire alarm is raised. They either deny something is happening or they hang around waiting for someone to tell them what to do. This Fire Safety Awareness course investigates how staff can snap out of that behaviour. By employing simple daily procedures everyone can learn to react promptly and correctly, every time they hear the alarm.

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email: mail@shoutoutsafety.co.uk

Shout Out Safety provides Health & Safety training courses as streamed broadcast-quality  HD video which increases engagement and knowledge retention.

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