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Display Screen Equipment 1992.

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Do you need to complete a DSE Awareness course? Ask yourself some of these questions…

Have you got a stiff thumb? Suffer from a crick in the neck? Are your eyes tired by lunchtime?

In the UK last year 3.2 million working days were lost to poor or improper use of Display Screen Equipment. DSE for short.

DSE includes computers, laptops, phones, tablets, machinery with display screens – yep, even cookers.

Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992


The HSE states that a very high proportion of DSE workers report aches and pains and eye discomfort. These afflictions can cause misery for the sufferers and can be responsible for lower productivity and high rates of absence. 

The 1992 regulations relating to Display Screen Equipment aim to protect the health of people who work with DSE. The regulations apply to workers who use DSE daily, for an hour or more at a time and stipulate that training for all DSE workers must be provided by their employer.

Anyone who works with Display Screen Equipment including all forms of sort of equipment that has a visual display screen are at risk from poor usage habits.

Shout Out Safety courses – quick, informative and fun

Shout Out Safety courses are delivered as streamed HD video, which has the benefit of being easy to access, pedagogically effective and time efficient. They are accessed from the Shout Out Safety website. 

By increasing awareness of the issues and dangers and presenting the benefits of correct use and best practice, trainees can reduce the threat both to their well-being and their productive effectiveness.

Some of the things you’ll learn are quite straightforward; sitting at your desk correctly, resting your eyes and making sure you position your monitor so you’re not under any strain. There’s plenty of advice on other good habits that you’ll need to consider too.

Each user is provided with a unique code with which to sign in and the course lasts no more that 30 minutes.

DSE Awareness course

Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992.

The DSE course is in 4 sections which cover the following topics:

  • Display Screen Equipment and injuries associated with poor use of DSE
  • Best practice in using DSE
  • Eye problems associated with DSE and how to avoid them
  • Using mobile and handheld DSE

There are 4 banks of questions which relate to each section of the course, that each trainee will need to answer. By achieving the pass mark (80%), the candidate is able to move onto the next section of the course. 

On successful completion of the course the candidate can download a personalized certificate accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

Each section of the video course can be played as many times as the candidate wants (and they can log back in at any time to refresh their knowledge), but they are prevented from scrolling through to the end or fast-forwarding the video material.

This is DSE training and no-one wins if the trainee isn’t concentrating. Shout Out Safety courses are entertaining exactly because we’re serious about Health & Safety training. Learning is easier when people are engaged (and they engage much more when they’re entertained). 


“The online Display Screen Equipment course was perfect for us – it allowed everyone to do the learning in their own time and work environment and reminds the Company of its employer responsibilities too.

The course was easy to access, was presented in an easy to understand format with a nice sprinkling of humour, and was broken down into four manageable sections. Thanks Shout Out Safety!”

Claire Lingwood,Operations Manager | BizBritain

DSE Awareness course

Training doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck.

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