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24th May 2019

Lack of Asbestos Awareness.

In December 2014 UCATT released results from an online survey of 750 of their members. Amongst other concerns the survey highlighted continued failings by employers to ensure that workers were not being exposed to asbestos. Not all survey respondents reported that they came into contact with asbestos, but 60% reported that they might do due to the nature of their jobs.

Asbestos awareness

Lack of training and preparedness.

Where workers had reported that asbestos was a potential issue at work:

  1. 36% of respondents recorded that they or their colleagues had been exposed to asbestos in the last 12 months.
  2. 38% said that their employer did not have adequate procedures in place to prevent exposure to asbestos.  
  3. 28% of members reported that they did not believe that they had received adequate training on asbestos awareness and what to do if asbestos was discovered.

So, nearly a third of those surveyed had concerns about their lack of Asbestos Awareness,

This was plainly a deeply concerning state of affairs but have things improved in the intervening four years, or does this shocking state of affairs still exist?

If anyone has updated figures we’d really like to see them.

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